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  is an  independent Case Law  research website  working  to  expose Fraud and Child Abuse by Ontario's 46
Children's Aid Societies (CAS) that is repeated by "child protection agencies" across Canada violating the Statutory Interests of children,
disabled children, interests of  innocent citizens, disabled parents and completely infringes on the jurisdiction of every Court in Canada !

Ontario CASs are 'proud' to claim "over 100 years of service" (1). The reality is, without effective accountability, CASs have been abusing
'Presumption'  built into the CFSA and  the 'Presumption' of the courts to easily obtain Crown Ward orders by Fraud and deny treatment
services to parents and children, even disabled children.  A long line of  decisions shows that blanket presumption needs to be replaced
with concrete requirements that the CAS and the lower courts must abide by. Yet the Ministry when informed of these issues continues
to protect the private  interests of Ontario CASs. In effect, CASs has  been the oldest and worst 'old boys club' of  fraudulent entitlement
in Ontario  obtaining Billions in  funding by fraud over the years  and inflicting child abuse  far worse then the Catholic Church  could ever
commit!   100 years is plenty of time to 'perfect' the delivery of services and prevent abuse of public  funding or children by CASs or  their
employees,  if the government,  the Ministry the OACAS or individual CASs where serious about doing their jobs rather then creating the
fraudulent illusion of 'child protection'......Ask 1 million current Crown Ward survivors how 'great' it was, chances are 90% would disagree.

Are you mad at CAS false claims? Wanna howl at the moon, wave protest signs? Sure go ahead if you must. But in court none of those
things help. Learning how  to use Case Law in court and selecting the right decisions can significantly help to undo CAS abusive tactics
and dismiss CAS false claims!   It's what a good lawyer would do if you could find one...  

This site specifically searches and posts Case Law that can be used by parents in court to address the most common abuses by CASs
who  seem  entitled  to mislead  the  courts, abuse  children, parents and  often  Obtain Orders By Fraud  contrary  to FLR  Rule 25(19).
Case Law  includes  Bad Faith  acts  and tactics  by CASs  and their use  of  Doctors for  CFSA s 54 parenting assessments who have
already  been  criticized  by the  courts for  various clinical  deviations!     How-to-Guides on the Publications Page  are  designed  for  a
quick tutorial on corrupt CAS Modus Operandi for parents  since 35 million people in Canada  have no access  to practical  legal training
and NO 'operative' Charter Rights!*  Legislation referred to on this site is  the 'CFSA' in Ontario, but the Case Law can be applied  across
Canada where Ontario's CFSA  aligns with legislation in other provinces.  

In 1999, Ontario's PC government changed the CFSA funding formulas but also opened up the  'child abuse spectrum'  to include almost
anything a CAS wants to call 'abuse'. The CFSA also looks at 'future risk'. If parents can't prove that they can totally eliminate future risk,
then a  child will be made a Crown Ward and  face definite risk of abuse by  the CAS as soon as they  are in CAS custody where abuse
and death occur in secret. All the while the Government, the Ministry, the OACAS and each Ontario CAS inflict attachment disorders on
children from birth to age 18. Damage that lasts a lifetime and it's been going on for the last 100 years in Ontario.  

Do we need a 'CAS'?  Yes. But not the  'Children's Abuse Society' we have now that squanders over $1.6 Billion** in public money a year
in the province of Ontario alone with Perjured affidavits, suppressed evidence, falsified evidence, botched assessments, denying services
for disabled  parents and  children, Orders Obtained by Fraud, Oath Helping scams, thousands of bad faith acts, misleading families and
the courts! It gets worse: The OACAS, a CAS run lobby group knows about the corrupt conduct of CASs and uses millions of tax dollars
to mislead the public and the Ministry.   Even when the Ministry is provided evidence of  CAS abuse of children in 2010, they did nothing! 
What kind of 3rd world country are we to allow this to happen?

REMEMBER:    In your court submissions, be sure to remind  the court that  the CAS is a 'sophisticated litigant' and  a  'publicly funded
provider under the CFSA' and are completely aware they are misleading  the court when they violate Case Law & falsify affidavits. 
Just ask any of the 1 million or so former Crown wards what it was like - 'from the frying pan into the fire' and worse!  Oops no need!  The
Ontario  Government already knows how pathetic  outcomes already are - for years!   If you don't like what's here, read all the Case Law,
read the Legal Page, read the Forum, then kick some corrupt CAS butt!............ or would you and your kids like to be their next victims?

Important Note to Parents:
Family courts are not criminal courts, there is no presumption of innocence, this means on the say-so of the CAS all parents are de facto
guilty of child abuse even if it never occurred, even if you never had custody! Since the CFSA changes in '99, children can be taken on the
basis of 'future risk' of abuse!   Drop every idea of how you thought a court  case should go, the rules have  been rigged to favour the CAS
through decades of lobbying by the OACAS!   You need to get ahead of CAS claims and collect all the evidence you  can to  defend your
case!    Don't rely on "parenting rights" or "Charter Rights" these have  been largely set aside by the courts years ago.     CASs  use  the
'child's best interests' to get Crown Ward orders by Fraud to get years of extra public funding by fraud.   Set aside any 'bravado' you have,
CASs have  100 years of experience  robbing families and the  public purse.   Knuckle-down, learn  the rules, the Case Law,  collect  the
evidence you'll need, you've got a ton of work to do!  Good luck to all innocent parents!!

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(1) The Children's Aid Society Act was proclaimed in 1904. By 1913 CASs became operational across Ontario.

More then a  decade ago various court decisions across Canada stated that section 7, 8, and 11(b) Charter Rights are not 'operative' in
a  'Child Protection Case'  since a negative  family court  finding does not result in prison term.  Parent's Charter Rights  cannot  interfere
with a child's Statutory Interests. There are better ways to dismiss false CAS claims.  Just so you know...

** $1.6 Billion a year, 2014 budget figures. Factoid: In 1999, CAS cost about $500 Million a year, by 2014 it has tripled while case loads
and children in custody dropped 7% overall. Actual child abuse in Ontario and across Canada has been dropping for decades. The CAS,
OACAS and the Ministry response has been to open up the 'Child Abuse Spectrum' so almost anything can be called child abuse!

Some websites and advocates  'incite disrespect for the courts' calling the courts 'corrupt' or Judges 'clowns in gowns', this mindset only
adds to the burden  of parents under duress from false CAS claims and hinders their  ability to defend themselves.  Steer clear and take
the high road for a better outcome.  Learn Case Law, how to make submissions and how to conduct your case here!

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