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UPDATE:  Dec 11 2014:     Liberals at MCYS Ministry hiding CAS Abuses, Censors us on TWITTER!:
Minister Tracy MacCharles or her staff complains to Twitter that our tweets are 'abusive'. Twitter obliges powerful politicians by suspending user accounts indefinitely. Censorship of free speech lives on in selfserving 'democracies' with cowardly avoidance of evidence of abuse committed by CASs across Ontario for the last 100 years! So don't tweet or mention @TracyMacCharles too often or she or her cowardly staff will suspend your account!  Instead, hashtag CAS abuse: #CAS, remind Ontario MPPs with #onpoli or #TracyMacCharles once in a while! See the links below for screen-shots of our tweets... Are they "abusive"?.....You decide.  Tracy MacCharles has refused to answer our email so far, see below.

Our suspended Twitter account, 834 Tweets since July 2013:  @no_ethics_atCAS      Our new account:  @CAS_Fraud 

Our email to                            Attachments
Tracy MacCharles, Minister.     sent:            Screen-A.jpg    Screen-B.jpg    Screen-C.jpg     Screen-D.jpg     Screen-E.jpg    Screen-F.jpg

Other Screen-shots taken in sequence back to October 1 2014:  What's evident is CAS Abuse!  (Screen-shots taken after suspension)

Screen-G.jpg     Screen-H.jpg     Screen-I.jpg      Screen-J.jpg     Screen-K.jpg       Screen-L.jpg      Screen-M.jpg      Screen-N.jpg

Screen-O.jpg     Screen-P.jpg     Screen-Q.jpg     Screen-R.jpg    Screen-S.jpg       Screen-T.jpg     

UPDATE:  December 2014:     News Media stories on CAS Abuses:
A series of media stories of CAS practices and abuses. With 100 years to 'get it right' is there any excuses left to commit the Bad Faith acts recorded on our CAS Abuses Page? The media loves the 'human interest' angle on stories, but why not go further and investigate how CASs abuse the Law, the courts and public funding to obtain Crown Ward orders by Fraud? Our Catalog of decisions shows that the courts enable CAS abuse fully expecting ordinary citizens lack the ability and resources to obtain Appeal decisions that would spell the beginning of the end of CAS Frauds. In the meantime a media outlet that goes beyond the human interest story could be the change agent to force our government to own up and fix abusive CAS practices. In a way, the secret abuses and pilfering of billions of tax dollars is the last and worst  'old boys club' to be exposed!!  Which media outlet will be first to cause historic change?

Dec 11 2014: Too many black kids in CAS custody:  Link                    Dec 11 2014: Anxiety of black parents when CAS calls:  Link  

Dec 11 2014: MPPs ask questions...:  Link                                        Dec 11 2014: Welfare system is rigged against black families: Link

Dec 11 2014: Children's Aid History in Ontario: Link      id                    Dec 12 2014: Mind altering drugs used on kids: Link 

Dec 12 2014: CAS lack of accountability & vulnerable kids: Link          Dec 12 2014: Losing kids to CAS too easy: Link       

Dec 12 2014: One agency builds trust (what about the rest?) Link        Dec 12 2014: Thru the eyes of a worker (what about the kids?) Link 

Dec 13 2014: Is a Black CAS a solution? Link                                    Dec 12 2014: Canada wide 'child welfare' in crisis: Link  
Dec 15 2014: More aboriginals kids in care then ever: Link                   Dec 16 2014: Inside secretive family courts: Link

UPDATE:  Nov 4  to  28  2014:     'MOTHERISK' drug testing found flawed:

A series of Toronto Star stories highlights issues and various court decisions casting serious doubts on MOTHERISK hair sample testing methods. Hair samples can contain evidence of long term drug use over weeks and months where blood sample tests provide evidence of drug use of only a few days. It's well known in drug testing circles that most hair products on hair samples can give a 'false positive' result that can be ruled out with a second corroborating test which should be done at the same time. CASs are notorious for ignoring the second test and then making claims of drug abuse. A criminal court appeal decision and expert evidence cast doubt on other aspects of the hair test methods. In your CAS case, this issue can't be used to automatically dismiss positive test results that incriminate you. You would have to get specific expert evidence that helps dismiss a CAS drug test claim based on a MOTHERISK report.

Toronto Star Story, Nov 4 2014:             Toronto Star Story, Nov 5 2014:

Toronto Star Story, Nov 6 2014:              Toronto Star Story, Nov 11 2014:

Toronto Star Story, Nov 13 2014:               Toronto Star Editorial, Nov 14 2014:

Toronto Star Story, Nov 18 2014:              Toronto Star Story, Nov 19 2014:  

Toronto Star Story, Nov 20 2014:                Toronto Star Story, Nov 22 2014:

Toronto Star Story, Nov 23 2014:               Toronto Star Story, Nov 24 2014:

Toronto Star Opinion, Nov 24 2014:           Toronto Star Story, Nov 28 2014:

Toronto Star Story, Nov 28 2014:             Complaint on MOTHERISK founder:      

Sick Kids Pg on MOTHERISK (2010):        Commentary on Expert Evidence:

> Our Added Commentary, Nov 6 /14: On Nov 5, the Toronto Star states MOTHERISK was used in 'more then 15 cases' per their Quicklaw search. Actually, MOTHERISK reports were used in thousands of CAS cases where parents didn't have the resources to challenge the reports. The court then accepts potentially defective reports as 'true' in CAS Summary Judgment hearings. Only Trial and Appeal decisions are posted on, (searchable by QuickLaw) not family court hearing decisions.  Thus the number of true cases is under-reported. Point is, MOTHERISK test report problems could affect thousands of decisions!

Parents complained they were forced to provide hair samples at CAS visits. Depending on the CAS office and staff, they may use an elaborate act where your hair sample is 'sealed' in an envelope, signed by you and sent to the MOTHERISK lab. However MOTHERISK does not know if the sample they receive is actually yours. Since CASs abuse the presumption of the courts and qualified privilege to lie on affidavits, switching hair samples to get a misleading test reports is to their advantage! Proper sample taking methods require you to visit the test lab where lab staff (not CAS) check your ID, get your signature and even a picture to be sure who is who, then the technician bags and tags your sample to begin the 'Chain of custody' for evidence, meaning every step, movement and person at the lab handling your sample is documented. This includes documenting test chemical expiry dates & lot numbers, regents, machines, calibration dates of equipment, test procedures, test logs, staff training records, staff qualifications, equipment instructions, lab accreditations, internal and external lab audits, etc. When the CAS handles your hair sample there is no valid 'Chain of custody'.  Test Labs know that FAEE hair tests give false positives, while EtG tests help exclude test problems due to hair care products, CASs have known this for years but mislead the courts by emphasizing the FAEE test results. See the Drug test cases on the the Case Law Page.  If in doubt about CAS abuses, check our CAS Abuses Page for what else they've been caught doing so far! 

UPDATE:  Oct 21 2014:     CFSA review by Ministry - Public input 'invited':
Ontario's CFSA is under a 5 year review cycle. Per the Ministry's link below, they seek input to improve Indian Status people's 'experience' with the CAS. What the Ministry fails to realize is that CAS abuse crosses all demographics and areas of Ontario. Claiming to 'improve' aboriginal people's experiences is misleading at best. However, your written submission emailed or mailed by Dec 29 2014 can show that if the experiences of all other people of Ontario is as bad or unfair as it is now, the aboriginal experience is the same or worse! Be polite, rational and as evidence based as you can be. Submissions in Word, pdf, video, etc are accepted. Also see the discussion Guide.

Link to Ministry CFSA review Page:     Ministry Discussion Guide:
The Ministry is fiddling with public hearing dates such that the hearing time lines are compressed hoping that few if any members of the public get to attend! Screen shots will be posted here:  tba

UPDATE:  Oct 17 2014:     London CAS Appeal on 154 Day Trial Decision - QUASHED!!
Ontario's Appeal courts have spoken and quashed London CAS' appeal, as we predicted earlier! The original trial stretched 154 days due to the CAS enabling an abusive parent in a Divorce / Custody case. Still to be decided is if the CAS can avoid $1.4 Million legal costs award to a parent. Remember to get back $1.4M you have to spend $1.4M!  Family courts can't award tort 'damages'. See the original media story, links and court decisions lower on this page.

New London FP story:                    Appeal Court Decision:  (trial appeal)

Appeal on Costs Order:   Tba - ~ late 2014

UPDATE:  Oct 3 2014:
Ontario Liberal's Bill 8:
Now that Kathleen Wynne has won a majority in June, the Liberals introduced Bill 8 for first reading. Passing first reading of a bill is good but it is a rubber stamp so far. Getting a bill passed is where it counts.  Bill 8 is watered down compared to 2013's Bill 42 that died when the election in 2014 was called. We can only hope events will force the Liberals to truly give the Bill the teeth it needs to make Ontario's CASs accountable, after all, they've had 100 years of experience misleading courts in Ontario! Get your pdf copy here:    Bill 8 - 2014

UPDATE:  June 12 2014:     Ontario Liberals win a Majority:
Now that Kathleen Wynne has won a majority through the poor performance of Tim Hudak and some backlash on the NDP nonconfidence call for the last budget, will she follow through on MUSH sector oversight in her Bill 179 from earlier this year?  If not, any possibility of CAS accountability will be set back to square-one.  We invite the NDP MPPs to put the issue back on the table and see if Kathleen abuses her majority to prevent accountability.  Time will tell, but 10,000 kids in abusive CAS custody across the province will continue to suffer as they have for the last 100 years since the Children's Aid Society Act was proclaimed in 1904 !!    Time for change Kathleen.....

UPDATE:  Apr 13 2014:     Ontario's London CAS ordered to pay $1.4 Million Legal Costs to a Father:
On April 10, the London Free Press published the news of a record breaking 'cost decision' on a child protection case started by the London CAS and a mother that was far from truthful.  This is not a 'windfall'. The father paid out legal expenses of $2 Million over three years for the protection hearings, a Summary Judgment hearing, trial management conferences and a neck snapping 154 day trial!!!  The vindictive mother was ordered to pay $600,000.   More news items will be added as fall-out from this decision rolls through various CASs and Queens Park.....  

London FP Story:                           How 'Costs' work:   (link under repair) 

Follow-up Story:                           Trial Decision: *            

Sun News Story:                           Cost Decision:  *        

CAS vows Appeal:                        Appeal Comments:       (link under repair)

National Post:                         National Post: 

Appeal Decision:  (Appeal of trial)    Appeal of Costs:      tba - end of ~2014
* Note:  London CAS is appealing the Trial Decision and the Cost decision. They claim no Bad Faith acts and no Costs should apply. After a 154 day trial and all the evidence heard, London CAS cannot wipe out all Bad Faith acts or all Costs.  If you use these decisions, concentrate on the legal principles in them and other cases cited in these decisions to support your case.  When the appeal decision is made, we'll post it here. Typically, appeal decisions in cases of this magnitude are rather scathing, so it'll be worth having!!  

UPDATE:  Mar 6 2014:
Ontario's Premier Wynne announced today M.U.S.H. public sector oversight legislation will be enacted!  Finally, after 35 years of asking! However, the Ontario Ombudsman will not get to do it all. Hospitals will be investigated separately. CASs will be investigated by the Children's Advocate. Can all this be enacted before an Ontario election this spring? Has no one realized that all parties are deadlocked exactly where they are now with another Minority likely? Will the hasty wording make M.U.S.H. oversight less powerful then it should be?

Will there be an act for M.U.S.H. oversight but delayed or limited funding to deny the legislation the teeth it needs to work? Time will tell.

It's certain that Bill 42 'Ombudsman Amendment Act' will die. It's wording is simple and powerful: Investigate CASs "for things they did or did not do".  The Children's Advocate will likely only be allowed to investigate child centred issues, ie: children that die at the hands of the CAS, but not current abuses of children who have not died yet and not investigate the abuse of process that helps harvest children as Crown Wards with court orders obtained by Fraud. Ontario CASs have been left miles of wiggle room to rake in Billions with a sophisticated series of Frauds as they have done for the last 100 years!

With $30 Billion a year of public money spend by the M.U.S.H. sector, it makes sense to finally do something, Ontario finances are as bad as they've ever been. We all need to be watchful and vocal so the government knows we know the difference! Premier Wynne's credibility hangs in the balance again if M.U.SH. review is a cynical attempt to mislead the public!  

UPDATE:  Feb 4 2014:
'Shaken Baby Syndrome' was made 'popular' by disgraced Dr Charles Smith, Pathologist. It turns out the forces to create SBS would cause serious neck injuries long before a SBS brain injury occurs.  The Ontario Government has done a review of convictions for this and allowed appeals.  Ontario CASs still use this discredited claim against unsuspecting parents who could not know the junk science behind SBS has been dismissed. We do not condone shaking of any child, it could still be considered abuse.
See latest story: 

UPDATE:  Jan 21 2014:
With two Ontario bi-elections just called, we may be spared a provincial election in 2014!  All we need now is for the minority Liberals to finally allow Public Hearings on Bill 42, the 'Ombudsman Amendment Act' and Final Reading so it can be proclaimed into law!  Then the Ombudsman can finally investigate Ontario CASs as was requested as far back as 1974!

UPDATE:  Jan 3 2014:       
With an Ontario spring provincial election looming, there's a risk that Bill 42, the 'Ombudsman Amendment Act' will not reach public hearings, third reading and become law. Contact your MPP and ask that this process be expedited so that all of Ontario can finally catch up to the rest of Canada. It is key that Ontario CASs obey the legislative will of  Queen's Park and that provincial funding in the Billions is not abused or obtained by fraud thru court orders by misleading the courts, a daily occurance for years. 

UPDATE:  Sept 19 2013:       
September 2013 marks our first full year as a website!!! Thanks to the many people who helped us get here!!  Best wishes to all who visit the site and download Case Law and other documents to use in their CAS case!!!  We started in 2009 when poster "no_ethics_at_CAS"  started to post info on bad faith acts of CAS.  In 2011 he discovered that CASs were using Doctors with adverse court decisions over and over again to mislead the courts!!  Legal threats from CASs and Doctors 'forced' those controlling  to drop the pubic Link to the Forum forsaking 900 + registered users and the public interest!   As a result, this site became a necessity!

UPDATE:  April 12 2013:       DSM-IV  v.  DSM-5  Mental Health Assessments    -  The Next Big Rip Off!!
In May 2013,  "DSM-5"  will be published introducing all kinds of behaviors as mental health issues.  This means CASs across Canada will use it as a tool to rob parents and children while misleading the courts!  DSM-5's full name is "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition".  DSM-5 will classify various behaviors as mental health concerns, that can be used against you and your children: Highlights include:
-    Temper Outbursts -  DMDD - Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder.
-    Revised assessment of Grief as related to Depression.
-    Asperger's and Autism spectrum disorders revised.
-    Binge Eating disorders revised.
-    Adult ADHD is revised. 
-    Personal habits like nail biting will be treated as part of Obsessive Compulsive Behavior.

-    and more.....!
By the end of 2013, CASs and their slate of half-wit Doctors will try to perfect how to use DSM-5 as a weapon against parents and the statutory interests of children in CFSA s 15(3)(d) and s 37(3).  TIP:  If  CAS is trying to use DSM-5 against you, insist on DSM -IV since no Doctors will have any extensive experience with DSM-5.  "The statutory interest of the child is still protected with DSM-IV"  

UPDATE:  MAR 10 2013:
CAS Doctor Threats to Sue this Site:  In the final analysis, it is clear CAS Doctors are desperate to protect their private interests at the Public Cash Feedbag when they claim they are 'Libeled' because we cite 'Case A' but not 'Case B' ...Jeez!  Any Doctor that insists on such a claim, simply shows just how base a Ph.D. can be !!

UPDATE:  FEB 12 2013:
We know we're doing something right when CAS half-wits try to sue us!!  Posted Case Law on this site and posted citations in Forums where the public can easily find it is key to the public interest!!  CAS doctors hate being questioned on previous cases and since it has never been done before, it tends to look even worse!!   If a CAS doctor goes bananas while being questioned on other cases, you're on the right track!!  More news on this as it develops!!

UPDATE:  NOV 20 2012:
A new dedicated Forum for this site has been created and key Case Law postings since 2009 are now on
just go to the Forum page and click to view.  No need to Log on!  Public access for all!!  No hidden Forums!!

UPDATE: OCT 4 2012:
Through a massive ego, Vernon Beck and Canadacourtwatch.COM posted a False 'Warning' in the original Forum claiming this site is run by the CAS! A review of any of the Case Law posted here shows that's not true.  The CASs of Ontario would do anything to hide how they use Half-Wit Doctors with botched assessments to mislead courts!!  We and 'no_ethics_at_CAS' are the first and only group to site to show how the CAS use expert witnesses as weapons against families, children and the courts!! 

UPDATE:  OCT 2 2012:
REVIVE OMBUDSMAN ACT BILL 93 !!  for review of CAS abuses in Ontario!  With today's Ontario minority government, a new private members bill to get results would be now!....Mini-Update: Premier Dalton McGuinty suspended the house just before resigning!!  Bill 93 dies.     
UPDATE:  Sept 27 2012   12:45pm:
Ontario Legislature 2nd reading of Bill 110 affecting Ontario CASs, show up in the public gallery and show your support for CAS accountability!!!

UPDATE:  Sunday Sept 23 /012  2:30pm,
Toronto screening of (Anti-) CAS documentary 'Powerful as God' + a Panel Discussion order your tickets at 
Attendees report this documentary was moving and included interviews from various Ontario MPPs and first hand professionals pointing out systemic abuse by CAS.  The Panel Discussion afterwards was informative!  Film can still be viewed at

UPDATE:  SEP 19 2012:
Dr Amin - second court decision discusses this doctors shortcomings:  See synopsis on the CAS 'Doctor' Page:
     L.H. v. Catholic Children's Aid Society of Toronto,
     2011 ONCA 385
     > see para 9, 13, 31, 35
As well as searching decisions for CAS doctors for botched assessments, periodically Doctors with adverse decisions already
found are searched again to find patterns in botched assessments.

UPDATE:  SEP 19 2012:
All Case Law now posted comes with a Download button! Download any case instantly and use today!  All Case Law searched, read, indexed and posted here for free in the public interest.     No donations, payments or consideration required or accepted ! Free in the Public Interest!

UPDATE:  AUG 28 2012:
After Vernon Beck / Canadacourtwatch.COM dumped their original Forum of  6 + years depriving the public of the Case Law posted by 'no_ethics_at_CAS', it became necessary to launch this site, Canadacourtwatch.ORG!!

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