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CAS Abuse Supreme Court of Canada Decisions             > - coming  tba  

CAS Abuse 'Statement of Agreed Facts'                          
> - coming  tba

CAS Abuse 'Special Party' Hearings                                
> - coming  tba

BAD Self-Help Law Books                                              
download .pdf     - NEW !  July 26 /16

Good and Bad Lawyer Lists, Rev
download .pdf     - June 27 /16  -  355 lawyers named !

Case / Settlement Conferences and You                        
download .pdf     - Tweeted & posted Apr 20 /16 !

Good and Bad Lawyer Lists, Rev 1.7                              
download .pdf      - Posted Mar 15  /16  - 270 lawyers named !

"Cease and Desist" Forms Harm Parents                        
download .pdf     - Tweeted & posted Mar 15 /16 ! 

Good and Bad Lawyer Lists, Rev 1.6                              
download .pdf      - Posted Jan 11 /16 !  - 235 lawyers named !

Commentary on OACAS Mary Ballantyne's Letter          
download .pdf      - Posted Jan 4 /16 !  They've had 100 yrs to get it right !

REALLY Changing Ontario's Children's Aid Societies     
download .pdf      - Tweeted & posted Dec /15 !

CAS, Trudeau and Marijuana                                          
download .pdf      - Tweeted & posted Oct 28 /15 !

CAS Cases - What You Need To Know NOW !                  
download .pdf      - Tweeted & posted Sep 28 /15 !

What's The Deal With FLIC Lawyers ?                             
download .pdf      - Updated Sept /15 !

Good and Bad Lawyer Lists, 
Rev 1.4c                            
download .pdf       - Updated Sep /15   - 194 lawyers named !

"Abuse Of Process" -  Not What You Think It Is                
download .pdf       - Tweeted & posted Sep 3 /15 !

Parenting Capacity Assessment Consent Forms Rev 9    
download .pdf        - Updated June /15 !

How CAS Abuse Financial Disclosure
                              download .pdf        - Updated May 23 /15 !     

Good and Bad Lawyer Lists,  Rev 1.3b                             download .pdf       - 140+ lawyers named!

CAS & Criminal Records                                                   download .pdf       - Updated May 23 /15 !

CAS 'Summary Judgment' & You                                      download .pdf      - Tweeted & posted Jan 6  /15 !

Our CFSA 2015 Review Submission, Cover Email             download .pdf      - Tweeted & posted Jan 6  /15 !

Our CFSA 2015 Review Submission, Rev 2                        download .pdf      - Tweeted & posted Jan 6  /15 !

CFSA 2015 Review Submission form                                
download .pdf      - Tweeted & posted Dec 22 /14 !

MCYS suspends our Twitter acct for tweeting "1 Bad CAS Dr a day"  in Dec 2014!  - No accountability in " Wynn-tario "

Summary of Bad CAS Doctor Case Law
Rev 6.5             download .pdf       - more CAS Doctors, more tricks found!

Good and Bad Lawyer Lists,  Rev 1.1                                download .pdf       - 80+ lawyers named!

Court / CAS Double Standard in Case Law                       
download .pdf      - Tweeted & posted Oct 28  /14

How to Complain Effectively About a Lawyer,  Rev 1        download .pdf      - Tweeted & posted Oct 2  /14 !

How to Complain Effectively About a CAS Doctor,  Rev 1 
download .pdf      - Tweeted & posted Sept 24 /14 !

A Practical Guide to MMPI-2 Tests,   Rev 4
                        download .pdf      - Tweeted & posted Sept 16 /14 !

Summary of Bad CAS Doctor Case Law
Rev 6.4              download .pdf      - Tweeted & posted Sept 12 /14 !

CAS Abuse Brochure, Sept 2014                                        download pdf       - Tweeted & Posted Sept 5 /14 !

Your Home Office on a CAS Case                                      download .pdf      - Tweeted & Posted Sept 4 /14 !  

How CAS Abuse Financial Disclosure                               download .pdf       - Tweeted & Posted Aug 8  /14 !

How CAS Abuse 'Anonymous Tips'                                    download .pdf      - Tweeted & Posted July 18 /14 !   

No 'BS' Guide to Parenting Assessments,  Rev 4               download .pdf      - Tweeted & Posted June 6 /14 !

Summary of Bad CAS Doctor Case LawRev 6.3              download .pdf      - Tweeted & Posted May 30 /14 !

Paper on 'Confirmation Bias' (another CAS trick)              download .pdf      - Tweeted & Posted May 16 /14 !

PCA or not to PCA                                                              download .pdf      - Tweeted & Posted Apr 1   /14 !

The WRONG way to Write an Affidavit                               
download .pdf      - Tweeted & Posted Mar 21 /14 !

Perjury and the CAS
                                                           download .pdf      - Tweeted & Posted Mar 4 /14 !

Worst PGT Lawyer in a CAS Case                                      download .pdf      - Tweeted & Posted Feb 28 /14 !

When Decisions Go Wrong                                                 download .pdf      - Tweeted & Posted Feb 20 /14 !

No 'BS' Guide to Parenting Assessments (updated)              download .pdf     - Tweeted & Posted Jan 23 /14 !

Summary of Bad CAS Doctor Case Law
Rev 6.1               download .pdf     - Tweeted & Posted Jan 22 /14 !

Getting Help in A CAS Case                                                download .pdf     - Tweeted & Posted Jan 21 /14 !

What NOT To Do In A CAS Case                                          download .pdf     - Tweeted & Posted Jan 15 /14 !

Court's Presumption Enables CAS Abuse                            
download .pdf     -  Tweeted & Posted Nov 25 /13 !

CAS Inflicted Child Attachment Disorders                           
download .pdf     -  Tweeted & Posted Nov 18 /13 !

Dealing with CAS Orders Obtained By Fraud                     
download .pdf     -  Tweeted & Posted Nov 12 /13 ! 
UPDATED !!  CAS Abuse brochure, 2 pgs, Nov /013
             download .pdf     -  Tweeted & Posted Nov 4 /13 ! 

Ombudsman Amendment Act Submission Template          download .pdf     -  Tweeted & Posted Sept 24 /13 !    

Bill 42  Ombudsman Amendment Act Submissions             download .pdf     -  Tweeted & Posted Sept 23 /13 ! 

CAS:   Myths v. Facts                                                           download .pdf     -  Tweeted & Posted Sept 3 /13 ! 
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms                         download .pdf     -  Tweeted & Posted Aug 26 /13 !
(Rights ruled 'inoperative' when CAS robs you!)

How to Make Offers To Settle                                             download .pdf     -  Tweeted & Posted Aug 21 /13 ! 

Summary of Bad CAS Doctor Case Law
Rev 4                 download .pdf     -  Tweeted & Posted Aug 8  /13 ! 

> > > >  Canadacourtwatch.ORG          'How-To Guides':   (more coming - monthly !)

CAS Case - What You Need To Know NOW !                      download .pdf    - Start here!   - Sep /15

'How-To Guides' - An Overview                                         
download .pdf     -  Read next !  - Jan /13 

What NOT to do in a CAS Case
                                          download .pdf     -  Read next !  - Jan /14  

"Cease and Desist" Forms Harm Parents                           download .pdf     -  NEW !  Mar /16

Your Home Office on a CAS Case
                                      download .pdf      - Sep /14

When Decisions Go Wrong
                                                download .pdf     -  Feb /14  

Getting Help in A CAS Case
                                               download .pdf     -  Jan /14

When a CAS Lawyer Lies in Court - What To Do
               download .pdf     -  Also see Rules of Professional Conduct below !! 

CAS 'Summary Judgment' & You                                      
download .pdf     -  Jan /15

"Abuse Of Process" -  Not What You Think It Is                 
download .pdf     NEW !!   Sep /15

How To Get The Court To Do Something...                       
download .pdf  

Sizing up your CAS Case - What to do
                              download .pdf  

How to deal with Falsified CAS Affidavits                         download .pdf  

Perjury and the CAS                                                          download .pdf     -  Mar /14

The WRONG way to Write an Affidavit                              download .pdf     -  Mar /14

How to Get Disclosure, Rev 1
                                            download .pdf      -  Updated Feb 1 /15 !

Template Letters - Requesting Disclosure                        
(tba)    -  use with Guide above

How to Use Disclosure 
                                                      download .pdf      

How to make Court Submissions                                       download .pdf           

How to Use Case Law In Court
                                           download .pdf     

Case / Settlement Conferences & You                               download .pdf     - NEW !!  - a MUST before filing a Motion

How to File Motions
                                                           download .pdf     -  Updated Jan /16 !

How CAS Abuse 'Anonymous Tips'                                   
download .pdf     -  Jul /14 

How CAS Abuse Financial Disclosure
                                download .pdf     -  Updated May /15 !

Court Costs:  CAS Bad Faith Acts                                       download .pdf

CAS 'Hearings' compared to 'Trials'                                   download .pdf    

How to Deal with Court Bias                                              download .pdf    -  Updated! 

CAS 'Oath Helping' Scams                                               
download .pdf    -  Updated!

How to Strike Out CAS Pleadings

BAD Self-Help Law Books                                               
download .pdf      -  NEW !  July 26 /16 

Dealing with CAS Orders Obtained By Fraud                  
download .pdf      -  Lots of asks for this one!!

Court's Presumption Enables CAS Abuse                         download .pdf      -  "Presumption" easily leads to Bias!

Court / CAS Double Standard in Case Law                     
download .pdf      -  Oct /14  

What's the Deal with 'FLIC' Lawyers ? 
                           download .pdf      - Updated Sept /15 ! 

The Problem with PGT Lawyers
                                      download .pdf     

Worst PGT Lawyer in a CAS Case                                   download .pdf      -  posted Feb /14   - learn who it is!!   

The Problem with Lawyers                                             (tba) 

Good and Bad Lawyer Lists,  Rev 1.9                             download .pdf    New  June /16  - over 350 lawyers rated!

Letter to a Bad Lawyer on the List above                      
download .pdf    

How to Complain Effectively About a Lawyer 
               download .pdf     -  Rev 1 posted Oct 2 /14 

How to Complain Effectively About a CAS Doctor          download .pdf     -  Rev 1 posted Sept 24 /14  -  Lots of requests for this one!!

CAS violates 'Res Judicata'                                            download .pdf    
CAS & Criminal Records                                                download .pdf    -  Updated May /15  !!

CAS, Trudeau and Marijuana                                       
download .pdf     -  New Oct /15 !!

The Useless CAS Complaint Process
                             download .pdf    

'Advocate' Code of Conduct on CAS Matters                 download .pdf     - Rev 2 - posted Nov /14 more Case Law examples added!

How to Handle 'Contextual' Litigation                           download .pdf    

How to Make Offers To Settle                                       
download .pdf     

Tampered Transcripts - What To Do                             
download .pdf      

Crimes CASs Love to Commit                                      
download .pdf    
How to eliminate CAS 'Plausible Deniability'               download .pdf      

Advanced Audio Recording                                          download .pdf     -  With helpful pictures!                                      

Summary of Bad CAS Doctor Case Law,  Rev 6.5        download .pdf     -  Dec /14 - more Drs, cases and tricks found!

Summary of Bad CAS Doctor Case Law,
  Rev 6.4        download .pdf     -  Sep /14 - more Drs, cases & Dr 'tag teams' !

Summary of Bad CAS Doctor Case LawRev 6.2        download .pdf      - Apr /14 version, lots of changes since then!

Summary of Bad CAS Doctor Case LawRev 4          download .pdf       -  Aug /13 - Ft in our Twitter blast at MCYS Dec /13, Jan

CAS Inflicted Child Attachment Disorders                   
download .pdf      -  How CASs harm kids in "care" for life!

Grounds to Decline CAS Parenting Assessments
        download .pdf     

PCA or not to PCA                                                      
download .pdf    -  Apr /14     

A Practical Guide to MMPI-2 Tests, Rev 4 
                   download .pdf    -  Updated!  Sept /14  

No 'BS' Guide to Parenting Assessments,
  Rev 5         download .pdf    -  Updated!  Aug /14  

No 'BS' Guide to Parenting Assessments - Advanced Edition    (tba)

Template Family Doctor Letter                                                  (tba)    -  use with Guides above

Parenting Capacity Assessment Consent Forms:  PCAs +  Instructions
     download .pdf  - updated content! June 2015                   

DSM-5  Mental Health Basic Primer - How the CAS will abuse it - What To Do              

DSM-5  Mental Health - Advanced Primer                                                                      

How to Withdraw and give the CAS the 'Finger' !
                                     (coming Q2  /16)   (ready to use MS word files:)
                                                                                                                  (simple Withdrawal form)
                                                                                                                  (pre-emptive Withdrawal form)
                                                                                                                  (Withdrawal affidavit- the 'finger')
                                                                                                                  (Withdrawal form with the 'finger')

Changes to CFSA and FLR to curb CAS abuses                                        download .pdf       -  Jun /13        

Legal Aid Ontario - Tips to Lawyers                                                          download .pdf        

Legal Aid Ontario - CFSA Litigation                                                          download .pdf      

Always check for the most recent version of the laws listed where dates are significantly different from your time of use.
The CFSA is on a 5 year review cycle.

Ontario Regulation:   Ont. Reg.  25/07 Assessments                                  download .pdf      -  Make sure the CAS obey this!

Ontario's Child and Family Services Act (CFSA)                                       download .pdf         

Ontario's Child and Family Services Act (CFSA) - HIGHLIGHTED              download .pdf      
Highlight codes:
RED          -  part used as weapon against children, parents by CAS

GREEN     -  part owed to parent but routinely violated by CAS
YELLOW   -  part owed to child but routinely violated by CAS
GREY       -  useless part of CFSA

CFSA Review Discussion Guide - 2014                                                      download .pdf

Ontario Child Protection Tools Manual - Feb 2007  (still current)                download .pdf

Ontario's  Family Law Rules (FLR)                                                            download .pdf                                                

Ontario's  Family Law Rules (FLR) - HIGHLIGHTED                                   download .pdf               
Highlight codes:
RED          -  part used as weapon against children, parents by CAS

GREEN     -  part owed to parent but routinely violated by CAS
YELLOW   -  part owed to child but routinely violated by CAS
Ontario's  Rules of Civil Procedure                                                           download .pdf        
Applies to Appeals, Applications in Divisional courts, etc

Ontario's  Limitations Act 2002                                                                  download .pdf         

Ontario's  Current (2013)  Bill 42  Ombudsman's Amendment Act             download .pdf        

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms                                              download .pdf 
(s 7,  s 8 & s 11(b) Rights ruled 'inoperative' when a CAS robs you!)
(The Charter of Rights is posted as an FYI, you can't use them in family court on a CAS
matter since your Charter Rights cannot be above the Statutory Interests of the child in
CFSA s 37(3), even though the CAS violate these on a regular basis. Sorry folks.)

Human Rights Code - current 2014                                                            download .pdf
Successful claims for children abused by the CAS have been made in various
jurisdictions. Any claim must be well drafted, supported by evidence and rely
on specific portions of the Code. Getting certified court transcripts right after
a CAS obtains a Crown Ward order by Fraud helps. Keeping all original records
including CAS Disclosure can include evidence of abuse by the CAS.   
Often, evidence of CAS abuse is only found and understood sometime after a
Crown Ward order by Fraud. That is, only with better understanding and by
comparing all CAS documents to affidavits, court transcripts, etc, is the aggressive
litigation path and premeditation of the CAS revealed in it's totality! Human Rights
Complaints are a legal proceeding, CASs will use lawyers to dismiss your complaint,
all aspects of legal procedures apply, a poorly constructed Complaint will be dismissed
even if your claims are true, you only have one chance to get it right. 

> > > > LAWYERS -  RULES  OF  PROFESSIONAL  CONDUCT - (Ontario)   -  from the Law Society of Upper Canada
All documents current as of  May 22 2013.   If in doubt, internet search Ontario for latest versions or

Rules of Professional Conduct  - Rules Index                                                                             download .pdf 
(10 Pages)

Rules of Professional Conduct  - ALL !!                                                                                       download .pdf        
(143 Pages !! )

Rules of Professional Conduct  - Rule 2  - Relationship with Clients     Must Have !!                     download .pdf
(46 Pages)             (most often violated Rules by bad Family, PGT & OCL lawyers)

Rules of Professional Conduct  - Rule 4  - Conduct in Court, Ethics !!    Must Have !!                    download .pdf 
(11 Pages)             (most often violated Rules by bad Family, PGT, OCL & CAS lawyers)

Rules of Professional Conduct  - Rule 5  - Relationship with students, employees, others          download .pdf 
(9 Pages)

Rules of Professional Conduct  - Rule 6  - Relationship with Society and other Lawyers
            download .pdf 
(19 Pages)

Law Society Act
  (Ontario)   - from e-Laws  (Section 33 deals with Prohibited Conduct /ethics)           download .pdf       
(66 Pages)                                                 (Section 33 to 36 at Page 19 to 20)

LSUC - Standard Book of Authories                                                                                            download .pdf
(List of Case Law that is often applied to lawyer discipline issues before the society tribunal)

  from the College of Psychologists of Ontario   also  appeals via HPARB at:
All documents current as of  June 14 2013.      If in doubt, internet search Ontario for latest versions.

'Official' Definition of Incompetence: 

As of June 4, 2009, “incompetence” is defined in the Health Professions Procedural Code as follows:
52. (1) A panel shall find a member to be incompetent if the member’s professional care of a patient
displayed a lack of knowledge, skill or judgment of a nature or to an extent that demonstrates that the
member is unfit to continue to practise or that the member’s practice should be restricted.

Standards of Professional Conduct  - Rev 2009                                                                           download .pdf  
(CAS Doctors most likely to violate section 12 and/or 14)  

Professional Misconduct,  Ont. Reg.  801/93                                                                                download .pdf   

Quality Assurance,           Ont.  Reg.  209/94       Amended to Ont. Reg 535/99                              download .pdf   


Our CAS Fraud Brochure, 2 Pgs:       download .pdf   >  Revised Feb 2016:    -  CAS abuse CAAP team reports! 
                                                                                                                    -  CAS & "Evidentiary Vacuum" to mislead courts!
                                                                                                                    -  MCYS censors Twitter!
Our CAS Fraud Brochure print run Pic                                                          -  Family Lawyer 'Inadequate Representation'  
                                                                                                                    -  expanded News Page, more media links on CAS abuse!
                                                                                                                    -  How CAS abuse "Statement of Agreed Facts" to obtain
                                                                                                                       child custody by deception!
ANTI-CAS Biz cards:
Prints on standard Avery 10 card sheets or sub  plain 8.5 x 11 paper.  Post a card, save a life!      download card .pdf

> > > >  OTHER  DOCUMENTS:  

'CONFIRMATION BIAS'  a paper by: Raymond S Nickerson  - 1998                                download .pdf  
(One of the many tricks used by the CAS to mislead, as well as other 'agencies')

'POWERFUL AS GOD' a Thesis paper written by: Esther Buckareff, 2011, Ryerson U:         download .pdf
A companion paper to the documentary and website

CAS ABUSE OF 'JUDICIAL PRIVILEGE'    - By: Senator Anne Cools  - March 1996

This senate speech recorded in the Senate Hansard is .pdf''d here with all credits and references.   download .pdf  

(some 'insight' on CAS origins.  Not much help while they're raping and robbing you!)
By: Michael Reid  - Dec 2008                                               
                                                   download .pdf    

Stare Decisis and techniques of legal reasoning     (how to use Case Law)
By: Paul M. Perell  - 1987                                                                                                       download .pdf

CAS  2012  Law Suits Lists:
Obtained in Freedom Of Information (FOI) request  by Chris Carter, great job Chris!
As per the  Limitations Act, Ontario, these cases may go on for up to the statutory limit of 15 years!
List-1                                    download 1 .pdf  

-   List-2                                    download 2 .pdf  

Expert Evidence, Assessments and Judicial Notice:
Understanding the Family Context
  -  Aug 2008
By:  Prof  Nick Bala                                                                                                download .pdf    

Report on Court Ordered Assessments in Child Welfare Proceedings in Ontario:
Review and Recommendations for Reform  - Oct 2006
By:  Prof  Nick Bala  &  Prof  Alan Leschied                                                            download .pdf   

Limits of Parenting Capacity Assessments

By:  Lawyer Carole Curtis (now a Judge since 2008)                                            download .pdf          
Canadian Family Law Quarterly [28 C.F.L.Q.]      

Evaluating Expert Witness Psychological Reports: Exploring Quality
By:  Professor Jane L. Ireland, PhD                                                                       download .pdf 

Children Diagnosed with Attachment Disorder - July 2001
Thesis By:  Robin P Shepley                                                                                  download .pdf      

"Protection Vulnerable Children" a Panel report to the Minister 
March 1998      (7.1MB file)                                                                                    download .pdf
(A report that ignores abuse by the CAS and Crown Ward orders by Fraud)

Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) - 1994
By:  Richters,  Volkmar                                                                                           download .pdf                      

(Occurs when child's attachment is disrupted, ie by CASs or
improper parenting, etc...)

Family Law Reform - Report 2013                                                                  download .pdf
(title paraphrased)

What Happens after Foster Care - A New Investigation                           download .pdf

Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse & Neglect                download .pdf 
(2008)   Issued by: Federal Government, Canada  (5.3MB)
   - Does not include child abuse by CAS.
   - Does not separate data on Crown Ward orders obtained by Fraud.
  -  Presumes handling of cases by agencies across Canada to be ethical
     contrary to Case Law evidence.

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All materials provided in good faith.  Unlimited download, distribution and personal use.  Each recipient's success dependent on CAS' abusive litigation practices  and other bad faith acts identified on this site, in the forum  and other factors stated on the Legal Page.

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How-to-Guides protected under the Charter of Rights: free speech,  communication and association.  Guides are composite of experiences of various lawyers, FLIC, courts, respondents, doctors, CFSA, Family Law Rules, Rules of Civil Procedure, Case Law leading to a practical lessons learned outcome.

* You may use documents as Exhibits or supporting materials as long as they are unaltered and author(s) and/or website credits are intact.  You may 'highlight' portions of a hardcopy exhibit so the court can find text of interest. You can also 'copy & paste' portions of text from Canadacourtwatch.ORG Guides into affidavits or your submission notes for personal use. If you 'copy & paste' from the other works by other authors, it must be as a quote with credit given. Copyright infringement, as applied here, including any material from our Guides, occurs when an existing work or original idea is plagiarized in whole or part under new authorship effectively claiming the content as their own original work without credit to the original author or permission from the original author.

Courts do consider extracts from published books or papers from experts when you give full credits. You benefit from the idea and content of a quote when it is from an independent 3rd party. Use copies of the original pages or the complete document as an Exhibit. The credit given should be as complete as possible so that it can be verified: Author name, title of paper or book, year published, paragraphs quoted, page numbers, ISBN book number, internet link to an online location of a paper, etc.  By giving proper credit you are not required to defend or argue the quoted work as you would an original idea or work of your own.  Typically, work plagiarized by a would-be author would be a person lacking the insight to fully know the work claimed. 

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