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Due to the dishonest acts of Vernon Beck of Oakville, Ont. and canadacourtwatch.COM controlled by him, the postings and Case Law found by  No_ethics_at_CAS  are now re-posted here for public view and use in your own CAS case!!  In mid 2012 Vernon Beck dumped the original Forum public link so no one could access it. Vernon Beck has no real stake in the welfare of those victimized by the CAS except his ego and willingness to stifle every other voice on the internet with false claims.  See the details, Links and screen grabs on this page. 

NOTE:   Oct 7 2014:   After 10 years of service, has expired and gone off the web.
             We've saved a lot of informative content, posts and screen shots and we'll have it back up, tba 2016.

NOTE:   Sept 16 2014:  Forum availability from is subject to service outage.
             All Posts are saved in case we have to restart on a new service. 

The Original Forum:    (Text revised Sept 2015)
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Typical Screen Capture of our Forum postings about Bad CAS Doctors used to mislead courts and deny treatment to disabled children,
etc.  See Pic here, taken in Aug 2012 when Vernon Beck deleted the public link. In 2014 the Forum provider folded and all Forums hosted
by "" disappeared. Very sad for 900 plus forum members.

Old Forum:
Canadacourtwatch.COM had a good Forum with over 900 members and over 8,000 posts in 6 years. Under pressure because of embarrassing anti-CAS Case Law was being posted by 'no_ethics_at_CAS', they dumped the link to the original Forum in mid 2012!!  
The old forum was technically still operational, but without a public link so visitors can make the most of it, it is more of an archive that you
could read from Aug '12 to 2014. Here's the original Forum Link (now a broken link).

'New' Forum:
They replaced it with a crappy new forum where members are screened and where many forums are secret and cannot be viewed by the public:  See the crappy new .COM forum at:    To join this forum you must give up your personal information.

From Sept 2012 to Aug 15 2014 so far, all the 'last posts' are dated back in 2012 with very little activity accept by one person to stuff an otherwise empty forum. Everyone from the original forum was doublecrossed by Vernon Beck. Check this screen grab and see.  Also see how many 'secret' forum categories there are in this screen grab, this likely means there is no posted content at all in those ambitiously named categories. They exist only to mislead the public. No wonder the CAS and the courts love Vernon Beck, his bad advice and bad reputation help CASs get Crown Ward orders by Fraud.  Emails from several lawyers say never mention in court Vernon Beck or Dorian Baxter or the CAS and the court will screw you. Not fair or relevant, but it happens.   

What works, what doesn't:
Public protests and other actions that raise public awareness of  the $1.4 Billion + Fraud that is perpetrated by 48** CASs  across  Ontario
against children and parents is all well and good, but inside a courtroom, it does not help.  Angry claims in court that the CAS and the courts are 'corrupt' will 100% lose your case - don't do it.  Better to clear your name with exculpatory evidence, fix any concerns and prove it with collected evidence, argue your case with proper submission techniques using key Case Law and show the CAS acted in Bad Faith for a much better's what a 'good' lawyer would do if you could only find one! 

Founder: no_ethics_at_CAS:
Since 2009, only poster no_ethics_at_CAS *** started to connect-the-dots and found how Ontario CASs rape and rob families using Doctors they already know were criticized in Case Law by previous Courts, yet they use them over and over, knowing that 95% of all cases will never see a Trier-of-fact in a Trial!  Every CAS 'approved' Doctor is potentially worse then the butcher Dr Charles Smith, former Chief Pathologist, who lied in murder trials as an 'expert witness' for the Crown. He was the subject of the Goudge Inquiry 2007-2008 and finally lost his license! The reason why CAS doctors are worse then Dr Charles Smith is that they already know that every time they rubberstamp a child as a Crown Ward or deny the treatment needs for a child or ignore Ont. Reg. 25/07 and mislead a court, the chances of getting caught is next to zero!!!  So far Family Courts ignore the fact that a Doctor that botches an assessment under CFSA s 54 easily inflicts child abuse and violates a child's Statutory Interests (CFSA s 37(3)) and helps corrupt CASs deny treatment and Statutory Care the law requires under CFSA s 15(3)(d)!! 

Clearly, the CAS and it's 'doctors' are bigger full time child abusers then the Catholic Church, Huronia Centre or Indian Residential Schools put together....all while wasting/stealing* $1.4 Billion plus in public money in Ontario every year!!

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* Via Crown Ward Orders obtained by Fraud contrary to FLR Rule 25(19). That means these orders may also constitute a financial fraud under the criminal code.

** In recent years since 2007, some CAS offices have consolidated due to population and others because they where caught abusing children. By consolidating these CASs and changing their legal identity, they become more difficult to sue on old offenses due to the difficulty in trying to split the legal liability for the abuse they caused before consolidation.

*** Because of litigation threats by named CAS Doctors, lawyers and CASs in general, no_ethics_at_CAS is not a public person. Any parent who is named in a CAS case cannot publicly identify themselves since this also identifies children, see CFSA s 45(8) and can be subject to 3 yrs in jail and a $10,000 fine. Our credibility, track record and goal of CAS accountability is the Case Law we searched and posted here for public use. Even 'good' lawyers would never do this since they protect their 'collegial relationship' with CAS lawyers and the courts even if it enables CAS fraud against their own clients! 

Canadacourtwatch.ORG generally agrees with the editorial direction of most postings and vigorously supports postings with case law but
ultimately is not responsible for content of individual postings by forum registered Users or Guests. does not moderate the forum. See our Legal Page for other terms and conditions.

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