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CASE LAW:                          
Case Law, Canada:    >>                  Click on 'English' or 'French'... then 'Ontario', type in search phrase..

Supreme Court of Canada:  >>      

Supreme Court of Canada:  >>                cpac website
Televised hearings/videos 

Ontario Courts Case Law List: >>           CAS Case Law List:

                                                            Family Law Case List:
                                                            Revised links - useful Family Law /CAS Case Law list, but Ontario Gov. avoids CAS abuses.
                                                            (You must read decisions fully to find the relevant paragraph numbers to cite in court.)     

LSUC - Standard Book of Authorities: >> download .pdf      (List of Cases used in lawyer discipline issues before the tribunal)
Ontario Court Practice Directions: >> 

Office of the Children's Lawyer: >>          416-314-8000

Legal Research: >>                     

The Lawyers Weekly news site: >> 


Check our Publications Page:  >>    Publications Pg
for Guides & Info you can't
get anywhere else!

Family Law Forms - Ontario: >>     Forms for Divorce, child custody & CAS cases.

Legal Aid Ontario: >>                       LAO website       

Legal Aid Eligibility: >>                    LAO Eligibility   - Funding and eligibility improvements starting in November 2014

Legal Aid - Toronto area: >>             416-598-0200

Legal Aid Ontario Client
Service Centre: (CSC) >>                1-800-668-8258  (416-979-1446 in Toronto)  M-F 8am - 5pm EST,  Free Family and Criminal Law advice.

Family Law Information Centres: >>  Link to FLIC   

Community Legal Clinics: >>            Link to Clinics   over 70 offices across Ontario....funded by Legal Aid        

Family Law Information Program: >> Link to FLIP    

Representing Yourself:  >>     

Ottawa Men's Centre:  >>          Divorces, planning, positive outlook, advocacy

Online legal resources: >>         

Reduced Fee Lawyers: >>                                     (Toronto Ontario based referral service)

CLEO Ontario self-help site: > >

Free Legal Answers:               

Community Legal Clinic: >>                         (Peel Region)

Community Legal Clinic: >>        (Durham Region)

East Toronto
Community Legal Services: >>         416-461-8102     (Summary Advice on some Family Law / Criminal Law matters.)

Community Counseling: >>                                            (Kingston & Napanee)

African Canadian Legal Clinic: >>                                        (ACLC)   (Toronto, GTA)

Family Law website:   >>                              (operated by the Upper Canada Law Society)

Family Law website:   >>                                            useful links & materials - not an endorsement of counsel.
Legal Blog directory:  >>           

Technical lecture on how
Case Law citations are traditionally done: >> 

Human Rights Tribunal, Ontario: >>  Application Page      Complaints are legal proceedings, evidence req'd, carefully drafted docs, etc,


Lawyer Ratings / Comments: >>           
Lawyer Ratings in Ontario: >>                 - quick link to Ontario ratings

Our Guide "Good and Bad Lawyer Lists": >>   download .pdf   (over 190 lawyers rated)        See other Guides on our Publications Page.


Looking for knowledgeable, diligent lawyers to fill this space!  

See our Guide "Good and Bad Lawyer Lists" link above in the meantime.

LEGAL AID ETHICS HOTLINE:      (Ontario)    1-877-312-7753                (added - Oct 2015)

If a Legal Aid lawyer abuses LAO funding by failing to show up for court, dumping your case, botching your case by "Ineffective Representation", improper service of documents, failing to be prepared for court, etc, there may be grounds for LAO to investigate them. Have your materials ready, be concise on what the issues are and where the conduct of the lawyer or abuse of the LAO funding impacted your case. 


Engage mediation services to reduce family conflict before the CAS becomes involved.

Child Protection Mediation: >>                      905-773-4323  xt 386  -  available in these CAS regions: Durham, Kawartha-Haliburton,
CER ADR Service                                                                            Northumberland, Simcoe and York Region              

Durham Mediation Centre: >>                or call 905-443-0115

Blue Hills Family Mediation: >>                   Call the FLIC coordinator 905-853-4816 
                                                                  - appointments arranged through the FLIC office, Newmarket Courthouse.

Ontario Association for
Family Medication (OAFM): >>              - resource for court connected mediation services in 17 areas of Ontario.

North York, 47 Sheppard Ave. E.
Family Court Medication Services: >>            416-326-9767  - free service for active cases at 47 Sheppard Ave E Court, Toronto.

Mediation Centre of Simcoe County: >>  (Barrie)  - mediate your family separation before CAS involvement


Supervised Access Services
for Hastings & Prince Edward counties: >>    613-968-7362   

Kinark Child & Family Services: >>        - various locations in Ontario

Toronto / North York Access Centre: >>   416-304-1221 


Note: Some websites and advocates 'incite disrespect for the courts' calling the courts 'corrupt' or
Judges 'clowns in gowns', this mindset only adds to the burden of parents under duress from false CAS
claims and hinders their ability to defend themselves. Steer clear and take the high road for a better outcome.

Excellent Face Book Group: >>                   
- 16,000 + members !!!
- daily Q & A

Info on CAS abuses:  >>           lots of CAS news items, etc.

John Dunn's New site: >>         His personal foster experience:  Link 
John Dunn's Blog: >>                    Follow John on Twitter:  @afterfostercare          
                                                      John Dunn is a longtime advocate against CAS abuse!

Anti-CAS site  >>                       - launched by folks in eastern Ontario victimized by Ottawa CAS !!  

Family Law issues for men:  >>

Abused boys, now adults:  >>
Anti-CAS website founded for a child that died 'in care' ("custody"):   >> 

CAS Abuse Documentary:   >>    Thesis on 'Powerful as God' by Esther Buckareff (2011):   download .pdf 
'Powerful as God' sponsored by Ryerson University, Toronto.  Lots of other materials as well.

Ontario Coalition for Accountability:   >>    (answers no legal questions)   

Sarnia Ontario CAS Forum:   >>  

Parent Finders: >>              

Today's Parent Magazine:  >>

City Parent Magazine: >>        

Child Find Ontario: >>         

Petition for Bill 42 Ombudsman review of CASs:  >>     Petition        (Hosted by (reference only, Bill 42 is dead)

Canadian Child Welfare Portal: >>                Does not cover child abuse by CAS or Crown Ward orders by Fraud.


CPSdocumentary: >>                    Youtube      -  Well done video, factual, moving, calmly presented. Shocking CPS abuse in the USA.
                                                                        Contact them at:

Ohio Family Rights: >>           - US CPS/CAS abuses same as ours. US Case Law.

National Coalition for Child
Protection Reform:  >>            

Law Society of Upper Canada:  >>        download Lawyer Complaint Form / Info and other materials! 

College of Psychologists:  >>          download Doctor Complaint Form / Info and other materials! 

Use these resources to test your children early and get help if needed through
your Family Doctor before a CAS says you're 'negligent':

Nipissing Development Test Screens:  >>                
(Ages 18 months to 6yrs old)

ERIK - Early Referral Identification Kit:  >>               
(Ages 6 months to 48 months)

CHAT checklist tests:  >>                                        
(Checklist for Autism in Toddlers)

On Track Screening Tools:  >>                                         download .pdf >>                                                     (US based)
(Child learning & attention issues)

Learn to get ahead of CAS 'mental health' claims with these resources!

Schizophrenia Society of Canada: >>     Check their helpful FAQs on schizophrenia. >>               Check their 'Quizzes' for self tests you can do!

Mayo Clinic  -  Mental Health: >>   Use Mayo Clinic Search Line to see resources on Mental Health disorders  

Psychometric Testing: >>          Try the free tests page.  (CASs likes to claim low intelligence) 

Depression Hurts website: >>       lots of info and resources

Canadian Mental Health
Association: >>                                lots of info and resources (ontario specific website)

Mental Health Helpline:                    1-866-531-2600   (Ontario) 

Learn to get ahead of CAS 'drug abuse' claims with these resources!  Where there is a genuine need for treatment, collect documents, test reports, etc, from service providers to use as evidence of your progress and attach to your affidavit in a CAS case. Claims of treatment or improvement without '3rd party' evidence will be ignored by the court.

Drug & Alcohol Helpline:                  1-800-565-8603   (Ontario)

Motherisk Helpline:                          416-813-6780 (Toronto)   1-877-439-2744 (Long distance)

Alcohol and Substance Abuse:        1-877-327-4636

Motherisk counselors available M - F, 9am - 5pm EST

Alcoholics Anonymous: >>           

A.A. Toronto: >>                        Toronto:  416-487-5591       Toll Free - Ontario:  1-877-404-5591   

Al-Anon Family Groups: >>            email:     Phone: 613-723-8484   - Ottawa headquarters
for Alcoholism

Canadian Centre on Substance
Abuse: >>                                  

Quit Smoking: >>                          reduce your kid's exposure to adult smoking before the CAS robs you!  


Addiction Guide:  >>                 (US based) 

more coming soon

Arrange your own drug tests through your family Doctor or through independent Labs. Make an appointment and bring your government ID, ask if the lab is a 'clinically accredited' or a 'forensically accredited' Lab. Be sure to ask for a court admissible report. Never use a Lab where the sample is accepted by mail, those reports are suspect and not admissible in court without a positive ID and collection of hair, urine or blood samples on site by qualified technicians.

Life Labs Drug Testing: >>         

Viaguard Drug Testing:  >>          416-691-4167   Visit the Lab with your ID for a court admissible test. >>                   - CAS will claim test reports should be dismissed for a lack of 'Chain of Custody'
Caution - don't use!                                                          for the tested samples, the court would agree and dismiss your test results.
                                                                                        Use a walk-in lab accredited for drug testing. With mail-in tests, a drug user
                                                                                        could get a 'clean' sample from someone else.

Mother Risk Drug Testing: >>      416-813-6780    (Toronto)   See our Nov /14 News Page for Motherisk issues.
Caution - don't use!


Seeing your family doctor or other service provider for mental health assessment and treatment demonstrates 'insight' and 'self help' that you can use in your CAS case. Be sure to get copies of all records immediately for your affidavits and copies sent to your family doctor. Always collect evidence of your progress and use them to dismiss or minimize CAS claims.

CASs use Parenting Capacity Assessments and 'their' Doctors usually to deny treatment to parents to force children into Crown Ward custody (we never use the CAS word "care").  If you have a manageable mental health issue and a treatment plan, there's no reason not to have your children at home.  Pack your OHIP Card (Ontario) and go over to the Centre For Addiction and Mental Health ('CAMH') at 250 College Street, Toronto and visit the emergency / admissions department.  Don't visit CAMH on Queen Street since they don't have facilities for walk-ins.  Other CAMH locations are spread elsewhere in Ontario.

Centre For Addiction And Mental Health: >>              1-800-463-6273

Krasman Centre: >>                                  Richmond Hill,   Alliston
mental health support services
                                                                    1-888-777-0979  24/7 Warm Line, crisis and non-crisis telephone support
                                                                    1-888-780-0724  main number

COPE mental Health Program: >>                   905-837-0017  ext 229   (Ajax-Pickering)

                                                                    905-985-8461  ext 225    (Scogug)

                                                                    905-852-7445   ext 24     (Uxbridge)

                                                                    905-668-6223  ext 227    (Whitby)

                                                                    905-666-0689                 (Oshawa)

                                                                    905-623-4123                 (Clarington)

                                                                    705-432-3044                 (Brock)

Community Care Durham: >>                              


We get many requests for an unbiased Doctor to do assessments and over time we have found doctors that fit the bill. It's key that every person seeking an independent and fair assessment, must actually be well adjusted without any parenting deficits. Consult your family doctor for a good doctor letter, if he or she declines, you may have issues to address. Read our 'No BS Guide to Parenting Assessments' and use online tests to see how you do. Independent parenting assessments will cost you from $8,000 to $15,000. If you have the resources for assessment, you should have the resources for a good lawyer, see our 'Getting help in your CAS Case'.  If you are on a Legal Aid Certificate, you won't be able to afford an independent assessment, OHIP does not cover Psychologists. You need a good medical history for a good outcome, ie, no mental health, personality disorders, addiction issues or medical records of suspicious child injuries, etc. In some cases it's possible to hire a doctor for less to review a CAS Doctor's report together with the disclosed working notes, but it does not carry the same weight as a full assessment in court.  As a courtesy to good doctors, their info is not publicly posted here.

Visit the Contact Page and Email your request, outlining your assessment issues, we fully assist genuine requests.


Computerized MMPI-2 self-test:
Very common mental health / personality assessment tool.  All 567 questions long takes 1.5 to 2hrs to do. Last question answered flips the
screen to Summary Table of Scores, mark and  save entire block, drag onto MS  word document, save and print.  Don't try to outsmart test,
detects lying easily, L Scale valid only under ~8, most other T-Scores good under 65, 66-75 caution, 76 + serious, 90+ very bad.  Layman's
Guide is on the Publications Page.  For best results, answer honestly, first response that comes to mind.  While many questions appear unusual, the answers are not judged individually but cross-referenced to all other questions and weighted against a statistical profile of millions of tests of all personality types.  If you have high scores, see family doctor for a referral, this demonstrates self-help and insight. Walk-in mental health assessment and treatment usually available at CAMH, College St, Toronto, Ontario.  Do not 'practice' the test, subsequent results will deteriorate. Use once only, 'practice affect' shows up if repeated within 6 months or sooner. Credit for MMPI-2 tests to University of Minnesota USA and subsequent owners.  Also see the Publications Page for MMPI-2 and PCA / Parenting Assessment related How-to Guides. 
>>    (may be in/out of service from time to time)

Self-Assessment to the Ontario Child Protection Manual:  >>   child_protection_manual  (.pdf)


- Email us links you would like us to add in this space.

- Inn From the Cold: >>                                                                             (York Region)

- Blue Door Shelters: >>                                          3 shelters                 (York Region)

- 211 Information Services: >>                          or call 211

- Canadian Missing Children: >>                   

- Crisis Services: >>                                              310-COPE (2673)                                                      (York Region)

- 360 Kids: >>                                              services for teens & young families     (York Region)
- Durham social services: >>                                905-434-4636           (Durham Region)

- Durham Family Services:                           

- United Way Durham Region: >>                                  905-436-7377

- Luke's Place: for abused women: >>                                905-728-0978           (Oshawa, Ajax area)

- The Denise House: >>                                          905-728-7311           (Oshawa)

- Bethesda House: >>                                                905-623-6045           (Bowmanville) 

- Service Ontario: >>                                            1-800-267-8097

- Women & Children's Shelter of Barrie: >>             705-728-2544  - Shelter Crisis Line                              (Barrie)
                                                                           705-721-9977  - Outreach Program
                                                                           705-728-6300 xt 223  Family Court Support Worker

Catulpa Community Support Services: >>                                                          (Barrie)


- Email us links you would like us to add in this space.

Mother Risk: >>                                                            416-813-6780             (Toronto)  

Jessie's Centre for Teenagers: >>                              416-365-1888             (Toronto)

Humewood House: >>                                        416-651-5657            (Toronto)

Massey Centre: >>                                                            416-425-6348            (Toronto)

Literacy for young mothers and children: >>               416-203-9830            (Toronto) 

Rose of Sharon for Young Mothers: >>                                 3 offices                   (York Region)

Rose of Durham Young Parents:  >>                        Oshawa office           (Durham Region) 
Support Services

Youthlink Services: >>                                    - Toronto, GTA,   - note: closely linked to CAS

Early Years Family Centre: >>                        


Record Suspensions:  >>                                   Parole Board of Canada Helpline:   1-800-874-2652
(formerly called 'Pardons')                                                                          Download the Record Suspension Application Guide
Note: Record Suspensions do not
cover all criminal convictions.

US Travel Waivers:  >>                                      and  for application forms
(US does not recognize Canadian
Record Suspensions)


John Howard Society:  >>                                 Toronto:         416-408-4282 
                                                                                                                 York Region:  905-895-9943 ext 202


In Ontario, 'Children's Aid Societies' ('CAS') can also be called Catholic Children's Aid Societies ('CCAS'), Family & Child Services ('FACS') or Jewish Family & Child Services ('JF&CS'). All operate under the Child and Family Services Act ('CFSA') and are paid by the Ontario government to provide 'services' on a per case basis, ie, more cases, more pay. Currently, they pocket $1.6 Billion* of public funding per year, a significant portion is by financial fraud via Crown Ward orders obtained by civil Fraud and some double billing practices. 

Note that CAS Annual Reports are not audited for accuracy and are missing key information like: How many Crown Wards are in Custody, how much income they generate, how many years they are kept in custody, how little is done to provide adoption services, how many
Crown Ward Orders are obtained by Fraud annually, how many children are denied treatment orders by misleading a court:

Durham CAS:          >>

York Region CAS:   >>  

Toronto CAS:          >>     

Simcoe CAS:          >>

OACAS is the Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies representing all CASs in Ontario.  It is funded with Public Money obtained from member CASs.  It acts as a lobby group for the (private interests) of the member CASs when dealing with the provincial ministry and the public.   Many OACAS employees came from various CASs across Ontario that routinely obtained Crown Ward orders by Fraud. As a result, OACAS does nothing to curb abuses or Fraud by it's member CASs.

OACAS:                >>

Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services:  >>
(the Ministry is willfully blind to abuses of CASs and is no help to parents - remember that when you Vote!)

*  $1.6 Billion a year, current budget figures, Fall 2014.

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